Testing S&P Equity Trend Trading Ideas Testing S&P Equity Trend Trading Ideas

Will Today Be a Trend Day or Range Day?

It is the fundamental question of trading and correctly answering it provides an early edge.


Because it is the first question.


It is the question that let's a trader lean a little bit into the wind and answer "Risk on?" It is the question that determines which trading tools will be selected (momentum or reversion) and is the basis of simple risk/reward calculations that help with trade and leverage selection.


My daily Trend Day Forecast answers the 'Trend Day or Range Day?" question for equity, equity index and index futures trader as well as providing specific high reward intraday, swing and multiday trade-setups.

The goal of the Trend Day Forecast is to provide a consistant edge you and your team can build on by adding your own edges and insights.

To verify that edge, here are the Trend Day Forecast's real time results (based on e-mini S&P futures, results as of 03/31/11 for intrady, 6/30/11 for swing, updates in progress):
Intraday Record.pdf    Summary: 72.5% correct trend day/range day pre-open forecasts, 63.4% correct intraday trade setups

Swing Trade Record.pdf    Summary: 80.9% correct swing trade setups averaging 4.0 pts/trade

The Trend Day Forecast is delivered in both audio and e-mail formats:
Audio   (from Monday, March 21st, 2011)

Text   (from Monday, March 21st, 2011)

Call to learn if subscribing to the Trend Day Forecast would be profitable for you and your team,

Henry Carstens, 503-701-5741

The Trend Day Forecast includes trend day/range day probabilities, intraday, swing and multiday trade set-ups, and current drift estimates. The forecast is aimed at professional traders and portfolio managers.

A brief historical exploration of Trend Days in the S&P futures can be found in The Little Book of Trend Days (pdf).

Testing S&P Equity Trend Trading Ideas