A Thing Rests by Changing, 11/28/05

To push my creativity each day, I use two decks of cards - Creative Whack Pack and Innovative Whack Pack - by Roger von Oech.

I have one deck at home and one at the office. Each morning I deal myself a hand of four cards and use the ideas to work through problems and systems throughout the day.

Sunday's very interesting hand (minus one) was:
Everything Flows

On a Circle, An End Point Can Also Be a Beginning Point

A Thing Rests by Changing
What a magnificent paradigm for the market.

Another way to use the hands is to use them as the central ideas for a brainstorming session:
A Thing Rests by Changing
change as the resting state rest following : trend following at what point does continuous change not matter? reversion

Everything Flows
the market flows from change to change the market flows from rest to change to rest from higher time state to lower time state to lowest time state to restart

On A Circle, An End Can Also Be A Beginning
change(1) to rest(1) to change(2) to rest(2) to ... change(n) to rest(n) to change(1) control charts rarely 'just break' more often cycle polar coordinates

You have to be a little better each day; you have to get a little better each day. Not a lot, just a little. (See "The Axiom of the Small Edge")

Henry Carstens
Vertical Solutions