Book Review: This is Your Brain on Music, 09/29/07

I was at my chess lesson a couple of weeks ago and the Chess Master began talking about 'transitions' in the game. What a beautiful way to look at the market and how interesting it is that something as simple as a single word can provide a new and fresh perspective.

The book 'This is Your Brain on Music' by Daniel Levitin is a book with a lot of words that resonate like the word 'transitions' did during my chess lesson. Words like 'loudness, pitch, countour, duration, tempo, timbre, spatial location and reverberation,' that almost instantaneously inspire new avenues inquiry.

And beyond the words, there are insights:
"A subtle point of Darwinian theory is that living organisms - whether plants, viruses, insects, or animals - coevolved with the physical world. In other words, while all living things are changing in response ot the world, the world is changing in response to them."

This is Your Brain on Music is a great book and a wonderful muse.

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Henry Carstens
Vertical Solutions